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Baby Shark LIVE! - Peoria, IL
Baby Shark LIVE! - Peoria, IL

Take an adventure into the sea with Baby Shark as he joins up with his friend Pinkfong to sing and dance through some of your favorite new and classic songs! Baby Shark Live! is a state of the art enchanting kids spectacular .

In this one of a kind concert experience young fans will be dancing in the aisles as Baby Shark and friends, go on fun adventures to learn and meet new friends! Some of the hit songs include, Baby Shark, Five Little Monkeys, Wheels On The Bus, Jungle Boogie, and Monkey Banana Dance!

For more info & tickets: https://www.peoriaciviccenter.com/events/2021/baby-shark-live-2022-splash-tour

NEW DATE: Greg Batton: My Life. In Boxes. a benefit for Imani Rescue Center International at Broadwa
NEW DATE: Greg Batton: My Life. In Boxes. a benefit for Imani Rescue Center International at Broadwa

PLEASE NOTE: This show has a new date! It will now be performed on Saturday April 2nd!

Greg Batton has lived a very interesting life so it only makes sense for him to talk about it in a very interesting way!

20 boxes. 20 stories. The audience chooses which box which will make no two shows ever the same!

This original one man show will perform on Saturday January 29th and is a benefit for the Imani Rescue Center International. 

Donation is $20pp plus a required 2 item minimum purchase (with at least 1 food item). Seating begins at 6p with the show starting at 7:30p.

More about Greg Batton:
Stand-up: I started doing stand-up comedy a few years ago. It’s not too different than doing talk radio, really. The big difference is the immediate feedback of a live audience. There is nothing like it. Big thanks to all those comedy folks who have helped guide and advise me along the way.

Actor: Hmmm…I have done some live theater over the years, some TV, That’s an area I would like to explore more in the future. And, of course, Asian Carpnado!! on the big screen.

Voice-Over: Industrial, movies, tv, and of course, radio. It’s an interesting way to make a living

Internet Minister: Yes, true. I have married two couples. Not sure they are legally married.

Dad: I have four kids. All ages and degrees of grownupness (is that a word?) Love, love, love all things Dad related.

Husband: Yvonne Greer and I have been married since 1995. Everyday is a crazy carnival ride with her. I know it’s corny but she does help me to be a better man.

Story Collector: I love stories. Telling them, sharing them and sometimes making them up. We all have them. I love them all.

Dreamer: I dream a lot. I dream of what I want to be. I dream of how I want the world to be. I dream about my next radio show. I dream about how I can do more for those in my small corner of the world.

Do Good. Be Nice. Go Home. Repeat.

The Imani Rescue Center International exists to help women and children survive and thrive.

From the founders:
We are Terry (an American), Veronicah (a native Kenyan who is now a U.S. citizen) and our daughter, Sophia. We have a dream that God has given years ago that we are ready to see come into reality. Kenya is a wonderful country with wonderful people, but unfortunately, has no programs to help those who are in destitute situations. 

Women who are in abusive situations and widows who have lost everything have no place to go. Children who have lost their parents are left to face the challenges of life in the harsh, African environment on their own, sometimes at only a few years of age. 

We have spent the past few years getting ourselves ready with a way for our own needs to be met, buying the land and making the plan to see this project come to life. While we have done very well to this point, we have come to a realization that we cannot do this on our own, as it is a major undertaking. 

By attending this show 100% of your admission is donated to this cause! Additional donations will be accepted at the event.

For tickets: square.link/u/ANwx1tY6