* VIRTUAL* Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair

09/25/20, All Day

The Peoria Art Guild in collaboration with Interactiva Studios and the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council will be virtualizing the 58th Peoria Fine Art Fair. 

Interactiva will create a fully interactive virtual art fair on the Peoria Riverfront. The Fair’s featured artists will be able to promote their original artwork virtually. The virtual fair is the first of its kind where visitors and patrons of art can take a virtual stroll around Peoria’s beautiful riverfront environment at their own pace, to admire and even buy artwork with complete flexibility.

“We have held an in-person Fine Art Fair for the past 57 years, and we are very proud of this iconic event. Now, you are able to walk through a realistic representation of the Peoria Riverfront from the comfort of your own home. Ranked #26 in the nation, we are pleased to share this immersive experience to our followers.“ said Shannon Cox, Executive Director, Peoria Art Guild.

The virtual fair is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2020 and will feature 30 fine artists from all over the country and other spotlights of Peoria, Illinois. 

“We hope that this experiment will represent an important milestone for the dissemination of cultural pieces and fine arts by reaching people around the country and all over the world.” said Adrian Chase, CEO and Lead Developer, Interactiva Studios.

Sponsorship opportunities to feature support for the Fair is underway. Sponsors will be recognized with their logos and business information within the virtual environment. To become a sponsor or for more information, please email info@peoriaartguild.org. 

The Peoria Art Guild is a not-for-profit (501.c.3) organization dedicated to providing ongoing art education and appreciation programming to youth and adults in the community.

Interactiva Studios is a small tech startup dedicated to improving the way we convey knowledge by researching and developing technologies within interactive media and CGI.

For more info: https://www.peoriaartguild.org/2020-virtual-fine-art-fair


Location: Peoria River Front Association