Decade of Decadence 80s Hair Night @ CEFCU Center Stage at The Landing Peoria RiverFront

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Tickets are Get Tickets NOW:
Decade of Decadence: The Ultimate 80’s Rock Party!  Fri. July 12th CEFCU Center Stage at the Landing Peoria RiverFront Events / CEFCU Center Stage
Gates Open at 7pm 
Show starts at 8:00
Advanced Tickets: $7
Day of Show Tickets: $10 
12 years and under are FREE

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Decade of Decadence: The Ultimate 80’s Rock Party! 
If you’re ready to rock out to the iconic anthems of the 80s, look no further! Decade of Decadence is here to transport you back to the glory days of arena rock and hair bands. Picture yourself in a packed concert hall, the air electric with anticipation, as the stage lights flare up and the first chords of your favorite hits reverberate through the crowd.
 Some of the legendary bands whose songs will echo through the night include:
* Def Leppard
* Mötley Crüe
* Poison
* Van Halen 
* Journey
* Guns N’ Roses
This ultimate rock party promises non-stop entertainment, fueled by the energy of those unforgettable tunes. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering the magic of 80s rock, this event is a must-attend. Get ready to sing along, air-guitar like a pro, and relive the era when big hair and bigger riffs ruled the stage.
Decade of Decadence isn’t just a concert; it’s a time machine that transports you to a place where the music is loud, the vibes are electric, and the memories are forever etched in rock ‘n’ roll history. So grab your leather jacket, tease that hair, and join the party – because the 80s never sounded better! 
For more information and tickets, check out Rock on! 

Location: Peoria River Front Association