Frozen Feet Challenge: Great Peoria @ RC Outfitters

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Join us in our first 2024 Frozen Feet Challenge and commit to a healthier you. Embrace the outdoors during the chilliest season and commit to establishing a healthy habit this winter. We understand the challenges of staying active in colder weather, so we invite you to be a part of this invigorating experience.

Starting on Thursday, February 1, we challenge you to walk, hike, or run at least one mile daily outdoors for four weeks. To stay accountable, log your completed miles on our registration site. The Frozen Feet Challenge operates on the honor system, so please record only the miles accomplished each day.

This event is entirely FREE, and the process of logging your daily miles is quick and straightforward. Register through the provided link before February 1, and on the first day of the challenge, you can easily check in and log your daily progress!

Exciting awards await participants, including recognition for the Top Team Mileage, Top Individual Male, and Top Individual Female. Additionally, all finishers will automatically be entered into a raffle for more chances to win. To ensure accuracy, it's crucial to log your miles promptly. We recommend logging them either daily or weekly, avoiding waiting until the end of the challenge for the best success rate.

Make this winter memorable by joining the Frozen Feet Challenge!

To sign up:

Location: Peoria River Front Association