\"Laser Light Nights\" at the Dome Planetarium!

Tags: dome planetarium, things to do downtown peoria, peoria riverfront museum, laser light show 08/19/22 06:30PM - 10:00PM

"Laser Light Nights" at the Dome Planetarium!

Fri, Aug 19 
6:00 pm Laser Beatles - Sgt. Pepper 
7:15 pm Laser Lady Gaga
8:30 pm Laser Hendrix


Sit back, relax and rock out with our new laser light system from "the worldwide leader in planetarium laser light shows," Laser Fantasy! Experience the full 3D excitement! The system features a graphics laser projector with special effects, a haze machine & a new beam projector, plus a fresh playlist of 20+ performances, from Beyoncé to The Beatles! Pick up show-enhancing spectrum glasses and refreshments at concessions!

For tickets: cart.peoriariverfrontmuseum.org/performancecalendar.aspx

Location: Peoria River Front Association