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    BLUHAVEN FARM, owned and operated by Darin & Keri Blunier and their 7 children,  produces healthy, high quality produce and popcorn.  The Bluniers have been in the homegrown popcorn business since the early 1970's and added produce in 1999.  

    We work to improve soil health and quality produce by using crop rotation, integrated pest management, hand cultivation, and composting.  We strive to produce the highest quality produce and popcorn using biological and natural methods.  Our popcorn has been a family tradition for over 30 years and is grown using traditional methods.  Our popcorn is naturally dried, and we hand clean each ear of corn because no pesticides are sprayed on the corn.  This assures the best possible quality of our product!


  • DMG Bee Haven Farm

    Miseon and Dan Grillot live on 21 acres of rolling timberland near Copperas Creek outside Glasford, a location they call "our little piece of paradise."
    At the end of a long gravel road, their land is both botanical garden and production agriculture, everything arranged with an eye for aesthetics and grown without chemical pesticides. Here is where they raise flowers for the strikingly beautiful bouquets they sell every summer at Peoria's RiverFront Market. No two bouquets made by Miseon Grillot are ever the same, and bouquets can include combinations of annuals, hosta leaves and perennials that convey the vibrancy of a wildflower meadow at high season.

  • Garden Spot Vegetable Farm
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    Garden Spot is your green light to healthy living.  We are 5th generation local growers.  We specialize in a variety of flavorful heirlooms, raised organically on 30 acres, one mile west of Princeville on Rt 90.  We have been serving Peoria and surrounding communities with our fresh produce since the 1930's.  We recently expanded our business to provide local restaurants and other establishments with our healthy organically grown produce to better our community.  We appreciate your business!

  • Grandma & Grandpa's Farm


    Our farm is a 4th generation farm, located in Sparland, IL.  Hence the name--Grandma & Grandpa's Farm.  We have recently moved back from Orlando, FL to revitalize part of the farm in a new way, to hopefully, preserve the farm for generations to come.  Our mission is to provide home grown nutritious food to our community and be a friendly, fun and educational farm to visit.  Our farm is based on the love of people and preserving the land and community around us.

  • Hartz Produce

    Lyndon Hartz of Hartz Produce, located in Wyoming, IL, brings a huge selection of fresh produce to the RiverFront each week.

    "Everything on my farm is grown in an environmentally sound way.  No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  I use rotations, cover crops, legume crops, compost and fish/seaweed based fertizers to build the soil that feeds my crops.  I believe now is the perfect time for this country to move away from an industrialized food system that is broken and return to a local, earth-based food system that builds soils naturally."


  • Organic Pastures

    Organic Pastures, owned & operated by Larry & Marilyn Wettstein, is a third generation, small, organic family farm with rolling pastures, lush with a variety of grasses and legumes,  located in Eureka.  "We choose a farming method that improves and builds the soil surrounding the plants and animals.  No antibiotics or hormones are used and all the livestock are raised the old fashioned way - outside in the sunshine, with a shelter but not confined in a building.  We truly believe that as stewards of the soil, it is our responsibility to provide the healthiest food available.  All our farming practices are based on sustainable agriculture and are organically certified in accordance with the National Organic Program standards."

    A variety of certified organic beef, pork, lamb and chicken meat packages will be available at the market.  We personally schedule all our meat for processing at a small local facility that meets all USDA organic requirements.  You will taste the difference!


Meat, Eggs, Cheese and other Agricultural Products Vendors

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    Avanti Foods

    Walnut Cheese was founded in 1932 as a market for the milk produced by surrounding dairy farmers. Today there is a daily production of 50,000 pounds of milk into cheese. We produce Colby, Longhorn, Muenster, Havarti, Pepper Jack, Calico, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Fresh Mozzarella, String Cheese, Cheese Curds, and many flavored Cheddars, Muensters and Cheese Spreads. We have kept the tradition of blue ribbons for our cheese at the Illinois State Fair for over 50 years. In 1964, we formed Avanti Foods to produce Gino's frozen pizza. Our authentic Swiss Chalet built in 1964 is home to our offices and Cheese & Specialty Gift Shop.

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