Thanks Giving + Winter Altar Build at Soulside Healing Arts

11/22/19 07:00PM - 09:00PM

Join us for our holiday celebration!!

Short movement and breath practice followed by refreshments and altar build. All are invited to bring one item to contribute to Soulside's winter alter.

acorns, candles, everygreenery, anything else that reminds you to celebrate the season

Entry donations will be collected for Soulside's Community Yoga Corps. (
We're working to bring free and reduced cost yoga to social service agencies and schools. If yoga has helped you, please consider donating.

Market rate for monthly passes is over $100. (ours is $60) If Soulside has saved you money while allowing you the ability to practice, please take this opportunity to pay it forward. If that's not possible, please come anyway. Your support, love, and encouragement are also accepted energy exchanges!

Plant-based eats from Joe Zich of 309 Cultures, plus other snacks, wine, and drinks!

For more info:

Location: Peoria River Front Association