Afroman wsg Blaise B, D WEBB, and Danny Grooves at Kenny\'s Westside Pub

04/27/19 10:00PM - 02:00AM

The MAN, the myth, the legend, Afroman rolls one up up at Kenny's with Blaise B., D WEBB, and Danny Grooves!

Kenny's Westside Pub presents:
with Blaise B., D WEBB, and Danny Grooves
Saturday, April 27ty, 2019 at Kenny's Westside Pub
ADV $15 / DOS $20
Show: 10:00PM
Tix & info:

Stick around for drinks after the show! Bar's open till 4:00AM!

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About Afroman:
“The first tape I made was about my eighth-grade teacher,” recalls the 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Joseph Foreman. “She got me kicked out of school for sagging my pants, which was a big deal back then. So I wrote this song about her and it sold about 400 copies: it was selling to teachers, students, just about everybody. And I realized that, even though I wasn’t at school, my song was at school, so in a way I was still there. All these people would come by my house just to give me comments about how cool they thought the song was.”

That episode was precisely the proverbial ‘kick in the pants’ Afroman needed to satisfy his burgeoning musical aspirations. Using a low-cost microphone, tape deck and mixer — purchased by his parents to “keep him out of trouble” — the novice rapper went from ragging on his teacher to crafting spirited tapes filled with his patented mixture of perceptive humor and straight-from-the-street sentiments. “I’d hustle to all the swap meets in LA until security ran me out,” he remembers adding that he initially lived in the infamous South Central section of Los Angeles before moving, as a teenager, to Palmdale, California. “I also went to all the low-rider shows and Venice Beach. Basically, any function where I thought I could flip over a dollar and expose people to my music.” That hustling ultimately paid off when “Because I Got High” from THE GOOD TIMES, his debut full-length CD, became the most popular summer song of 2001. A hilarious ode to the pitfalls of smoking marijuana, the track was a Top Ten tune in over a dozen countries, with the album certified gold in the United States.

“In two minutes, eleven seconds, I had written a hit, but before that it had taken me nearly seven months to recognize I had a marijuana problem,” says the now-reformed rapper. “It was only then that I realized everyone talks about smoking weed, but no one ever really talks about the effects of marijuana. We know about the effects of drinking beer, we know about the effects of looking at a naked lady, but nobody knew about the effects of smoking weed. Actually, the problem was more that the people who did know weren’t songwriters; they were just dudes walking down the beach or whatever. So I decided to write that song.” Now, Afroman is following up the worldwide success of that recording with the aptly titled AFROHOLIC … THE EVEN BETTER TIMES, a comprehensive, two-disc collection — released on his home-grown Hungry Hustler Records label — showcasing forthright lyrics, skilled guitar work and infectious hooks. Whether raising the roof with “Let’s Get High Tonight,” reliving painful “Ghetto Memories” or simply “Hittin’ Switches,” every hip-hop-infused cut is hard-rocking and undeniably heartfelt.

At the same time, while most of the tracks admittedly focus upon having a good time, listeners who know Afroman solely through “Because I Got High” are in for a surprise. “I caught a lot of flak for having so many drug references in my music, so on this album I wanted to give cats a few songs that are really good but don’t say anything about drugs,” reveals the singer. “For example, on ‘Cali Swangin’,’ I’m talking about low-riding, which I really love to do. That’s one of my hobbies — it’s kind of like skateboarding to me. I’ve also got another tune called ‘Just My Paranoia’ that’s simply my interpolation of the song ‘Just My Imagination.'”

Regardless of the subject, for Afroman the most important thing, both in creating the music and sharing it with fans, is that he and his audience are having fun. “Music was really made for a good time,” he notes, adding that key influences include classic hip-hop heroes like Too Short, DJ Quik and 2 Live Crew. “Nowadays, most Los Angeles rappers want to kill you, which is natural, because it’s LA, and a lot of those dudes are gang members who’ve come off the street. Well, I don’t really care about this guy trying to kill me in the verse; I just like the funk he’s rapping to. So on AFROHOLIC … THE EVEN BETTER TIMES, I decided to fillet all the bullshit. I tried to get rid of all the hostility and animosity out there that usually goes with the funk, and just rap with clever, uplifting lyrics.”

Ever since the eighth-grade expulsion that kick-started his career, Afroman has striven to fuse the finest early rap elements with modern-day attitudes, creating high-spirited yet unquestionably up-to-the-minute melodies. From his perspective, if the tunes sound a tad familiar, that’s fine, so long as his fans are smiling, dancing and, most important of all, having a grand time.

“You know how all Mercedes Benzes look related to each other?” he asks. “Well, I don’t want my music to be the equivalent of an Impala or a damned Cadillac, where one day it looks like a coupe, the next day it looks like a truck, and tomorrow it may look like a freakin’ helicopter or something. I want to give cats the best of the future and, of course, maintain the past. Kind of like Mercedes Benz does with the look of their cars, where you can always see the resemblance. I want people to think of AFROHOLIC … THE EVEN BETTER TIMES as a great ’80s West Coast disc where the guy’s not killing everybody. I want them to spend their $17 or whatever and, when all is said and done, just feel happy.”

About Blaise B.:
Blaise B. is an American born rapper/producer from Chicago's South side. He is most well known for his multi-syllabic style, riding a line between sarcasm and solemnness. His songs run the gamut from traditional, sample-based hip hop with soulful undertones, to dubstep influenced electronic stylings, and everything in between. Blaise has been the supporting act for such artists as One be Lo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Wailers, Dark Star Sunshine, Blueprint, Zion I, The Grouch, Lupe Fiasco, & Nas - as well as graced the stage with Chicago's own Common. His debut album MAD WORLD with producer Jay Kubes has received much acclaim and has been amongst's top 100 indie hip hop albums since its release in July of 2013.

About D WEBB:
Hip-hop artist and occasional producer from Peoria, IL, who goes by the name of D WEBB. His unique style can change at any time on any track and will keep you guessing. He brings everything you need, from passion in his voice, to compelling live performances and it seems things aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Since 2010, D WEBB has been on the scene making a name for himself. Shortly after he released his debut mixtape ‘No Chasers’ he founded No Chasers Clothing and the name quickly spread throughout his hometown and soon enough became more than just a shirt, it became a way of life.

Fast forward many years of groundwork of performing and many projects to November of 2014. D WEBB released the second installment of his ‘No Chasers’ mixtape series on the same day he opened up for a sold out Wiz Khalifa show in his hometown at Bradley University’s Renaissance Coliseum in front of a crowd of 3,760 people; the largest attendance to date topping The Fray (Feat. The Plain White Tees) and The Band Perry since it opened in 2010, according to the Bradley Scout.

In his hometown alone, D WEBB has managed to open up for many major artists such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Live Crew, Do or Die, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Porter, Mac Lethal, Afroman, Kutt Calhoun, CES CRU and more so performing in front of large crowds is nothing new.

As the selected winner of The Canopy Club’s 2015 Battle For The Block competition, D WEBB earned a slot at the 2015 ILL Rock Block Party in Urbana, IL featuring Big Sean, Gramatik, Matoma, Exmag, KYLE, Alex Wiley and more.

In March of 2017, D WEBB competed in Summer Camp: On The Road’s competition in Peoria, IL and won, solidifying a spot at Summer Camp Music Festival in May. Shortly after making his debut at Summer Camp Music Festival, he found himself back at The Canopy Club opening up for legendary hip-hop emcee Rakim In September. On December 29th, 2017, D WEBB released his debut album featuring Mac Lethal, DubXX, and Bree Michelle on all major streaming services, making 2017 one of his biggest years yet.

To start the year off proper, D WEBB released a new single titled “How You Feel” and is expected to release his sophomore album in 2019, so be on the lookout.

About Danny Grooves:
Among the most eclectic tastes in music, with original flavor covering genres such as trap, hip hop, glitch, break beat, funk, soul, and everything in between; DG is a pop culture roller-coaster ride of hard-hitting beats, familiar samples, and skillful effects damaging songs from the fifties all the way to today.
With 14 years of music production experience, Danny Grooves has battled in competition, of both producers and deejays to prove that his artistry is unparalleled in style and uniqueness.
DG has warmed the crowd for many of the top names in the industry including The Cool Kids, Blueprint, Mac Lethal, Tipper, EOTO, Crizzly, Wick-it the Instigator, Megalodon, Bukez Finezt & many more.

Location: Peoria River Front Association